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Meet Anthony

Anthony is a dedicated and passionate resident of Houston Texas. He is a proud advocate for social justice issues and knows of the adverse affects of children in underperforming schools and the suffering of families living in poverty. He knows what hardworking families are experiencing daily, dealing with the increasing costs of housing and groceries, to the skyrocketing costs of education. His grandfather, who served honorably in the Korean War, taught him the value of honesty, faith, and determination. He is a proud product of public schools and is currently attending Prairie View A&M, where he majors in Political Science. The education he has received has allowed him to climb his way out of poverty and work hard to ensure that others are given that same opportunity.


Anthony has worked tirelessly to ensure the criminal justice system is reformed and that everyone receives equitable treatment. He believes in solving the crisis of housing affordability and food insecurity in our society. Anthony believes that our diversity is our strength and works to ensure that all people are treated with dignity and respect. He believes in social, economical, and environmental justice and that the only way to find solutions to our current issues is to be honest about who we are. Anthony will be the leader that District F needs on the City Council. He knows that he can be a voice that residents need to address their concerns and will always be accessible to any constituent.


Anthony lives in District F and is proud to call it home. He sees the beauty of our community and will work hard to improve the neighborhoods that we all love.

Dear Friends,


Houston is a breathtaking city, filled with DIVERSE people, great food, and a booming economy. From our world class sports teams to the vibrant Downtown that we boast, Houston continues to be a destination for those seeking better opportunities. We are a city of RESILIENT people who are changing the consciousness and culture of Texas.


District F continues to showcase the diversity and beauty of all that makes Houston great. From the various neighborhoods that align the district to the hardworking business owners who choose to plant their foundations here, we are the melting pot of America's most diverse city.


Despite all the charm of District F and the City of Houston, we face many daunting challenges ahead. Many residents are seeing that it is increasingly difficult to find AFFORDABLE housing in Houston, with 47% of residents living cost burdened. There are many families living food insecure and this disproportionally affects CHILDREN and SENIORS. We need a comprehensive plan on how to tackle poverty, hunger, and homelessness that plagues the vulnerable populations of our city. From the dozens of infrastructure needs in our city to the need to bring economic development to distressed and impoverished areas, we must elect leaders who will push for bold new ideas that will move our city forward. Residents DESERVE a leader who LIVES in the DISTRICT, someone who will be their VOICE on the City Council, fighting for the issues we all care about.


Being the FOURTH LARGEST CITY in this nation, we should be a shining example of inclusion and acceptance. Ignorance and bigotry have no place in our society, and we must stand together to fight those forces who seek to divide us. I will work with community and business leaders on non-discrimination policies that call for the acceptance of all people, no matter their race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or cultural background. Houston should be a city that WELCOMES all, as our success in the next few decades will depend on our ability to be an inclusive residence for everyone.


NOW is the time that we get to work, LIFTING OUR VOICES, making phone calls, knocking on doors, and ORGANIZING. Time is now for a CHANGE that will create a tidal wave of hope in District F. There is so much to be done to win hearts and minds of voters of this District, but I am always ready and willing to accept any challenge.